Why You Need to Keep a Personal Diary Too: Crucial Reasons for Everyone

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Situations happen to everyone that knock you out of your rut. There is no one to share it with – either you are afraid, or simply there are no close people. In this case comes to the aid of a trusty assistant – a personal diary.

Keeping a diary has lots of similarities to playing at a Legal casino in NZ or eating your favorite food, as this activity also allows you to return to a balanced psychological state, effectively and safely for yourself and others to splash out all the accumulated negative thoughts and feelings, to form a positive attitude. 

Moreover, the diary will come in handy if you can’t share it with the people closest to you. Your mother may judge, your friends aren’t around you, but you need to give an outlet for your emotions. That’s why a diary is so important – you can pour into it absolutely all your experiences. You can imagine that there is someone near you and read him aloud the situation. This will also have a positive effect on your emotional state.

It’s also helpful for tracking your emotions and introspection. If you are struggling with irritability and anger, a diary will be a great help. Write down in it all the words and expressions you wanted to say to those around you. After just a few weeks, you’ll notice that you’ve become much calmer and more reasonable. Besides, the diary will help to track the progress of positive changes.

You can use it for planning and improving memory. Psychologists claim that repeating the previous day before going to bed improves memory and activates brain activity. So take 15 minutes before going to bed to journal, write down in detail how your day went. Describe emotions, buildings, colors, people. Over time, you will notice that you notice much more, and your memory is much better. You can also plan your next day. The more certain your daily routine is, the more confident you are!

Furthermore, it’s great for self-development. Taking daily written notes teaches you to be more literate and express your thoughts correctly. Such a skill will come in handy later at university or at work, because it is much more pleasant to communicate with a literate person who is able to express his thoughts clearly.

It’s useful to preserve important memories. If you are worried that you might forget an important meeting, conversation, or event, reproduce it in a diary. As time passes, it will be pleasant to remember everything in the smallest detail.

How to Keep a Diary

Get a regular notebook. If you’re afraid that someone might read your thoughts, try to make the diary as unsightly as possible. Or you can make an electronic version of it, and there are those today, too!

Moreover, remember to be honest. The records belong to you and no one else. Give yourself permission to write down the truth about what is going on in your life and your thoughts and attitudes toward those events. Don’t try to write what you would like to feel instead of real emotions. Give yourself time, slow down, and let the truth pour out on paper.

Don’t splash everything out in a violent, unconnected stream. Try to analyze every written phrase or situation. Who’s right, who’s wrong? What exactly can you do about it? Could it have been avoided, and how?

Don’t lie to yourself in your notes. Alone with a blank sheet of paper, you can let yourself be you, not pretending to be a better person with other goals and preferences.

If you want to have a diary always at hand, have a small notebook that can easily fit in your purse or even in your pocket. But be warned, it can run out quickly if you’re writing every day.

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